Taskmaster is a full-featured task timer specifically for Search Engine Evaluators. It features a fully-configurable countdown timer that calculates your speed in real time. You can easily track how long you’ve worked, what tasks you’ve done and how much you’ve made. Start and stop times are recorded automatically, making invoicing a breeze. Requires Mac OS X 10.6 or better.

Taskmaster is free to use, but consider purchasing a license to support further development.

Download Taskmaster




Completely Automatic

Taskmaster automatically detects what tasks you’re working on. Log in and Taskmaster begins timing your session. Acquire a task, and it records the task ID and sets the countdown timer. Submit the task and the countdown resets. Change task types and the timer automatically adjusts. When you’re done, simply log out and your stop time will be recorded.  You don’t even have to touch the app if you don’t want to.


Track Your Goals


Set personal goals for yourself and receive notifications as they are completed.

Automatic Invoicing


Using Taskmaster Invoicer, you’ll never have to fill out another invoice again.  With a single click, Taskmaster will transfer your session times to the invoice page, convert to Pacific Time, split periods  that cross midnight, and list mobile sessions separately. You’ll save hours every month  and your invoice will be 100% accurate.


Toggl Integration

Taskmaster can upload your session times to your Toggl account, allowing you to keep your work times in the cloud. This serves as a great backup, and allows you to generate reports, graph your work periods, and more.